This is my refuge; the only place where I spill the ink of my heart and soul.
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Sooo i drew something last night and it ended up as an art for UDD’s song, Kulang :)

I. Am. Groot.

Yep, still unfinished. -.-

Current work in progress (WIP) of my 2nd art commission. YAAAAAY :-))

I TRIED HARD pero di ko magaya ang ganda nya HAHA

Jenzine Alcantara, Varsitarian photographer PY 2013-2014 :)

I’m watching you.

Does his face ring a bell? :) Adam Levine~

Tagisip & Taglikha 2012. (UP Moriones)

You go judge. Haha. -.-“

Denden Lazaro. >.> 

Mogu mogu with different expressions. ^___^